The Highway 65 (Dead Sea Highway) passing by the Dead Sea.


In 2009, it was estimated that Jordan had 7,891 kilometres (4,903 mi) of paved highways.

Some of the major highways in Jordan are:

  • Highway 15 (Desert Highway): connects the Syrian border with Amman and to the port city of Aqaba on the Gulf of Aqaba. It is a four-lane, double carriageway road almost on its entirety, from the Syrian border until the junction with the road to Petra.
  • Highway 35 (King’s Highway): connects Irbid in the northern region to Aqaba, it takes the name and route of the historic King’s Highway. It has four lanes on double carriageway on its stretch from Irbid until Amman.
  • Highway 65 (Dead Sea Highway): connects Aqaba to the northwestern region of Jordan.
    • The first part of the highway (Safi-Aqaba) was constructed in 1978 as part of the Red Sea – Dead Sea Access. It connected Safi, the south end of Dead Sea to Aqaba, the north point of Red Sea.
  • Jordan Highway: encircles the city of Amman and connects it to Jerash and Irbid